Jay0117 teams up with Mic of Course on 'Paid in Full'

It's a coming together of Lord of the Mics 8 contestants as Bristol's Jay0117 and West London's Mic of course combine to create their new track 'Paid in Full'.

With a skippy, but haunting beat produced by Alpha Red, 'Paid in Full' sees Jay0117 completement the production as the duo describe the ins and outs of their days. Mic of Course' flow matches up with the drum pattern nicely.  The vibe intensifies as the MCs flip the mic back and forth between each other at an increased pace. This one will make you want to blaze the track with the windows open dancing in your front room.

The video shows Mic of Course rolling through Jay's ends for a day, before a show at the end. Seeing the MCs spitting side by side definitely hypes the tune up. There's no denying its a heavy track. Check it out for yourself below.

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