K9 gives us some 'Realness' on new Silencer-produced single

“Gotta give you an insight ‘bout the pain and the strife in this life, no clubs and champagne bottles, last night two yutes got stabbed and bottled...”

K9 is back with his new single “Realness”, complete with a music video shot by Bru Fontich out on SBTV.

His voice’s gravelly edge contrasts with the softer layers of harmonies on Silencer’s production, as K9 gives us a full picture of his life doing “grime on the road then grime on beat” - he presents the facts without bragging or denial. As the title suggests, this is a cold dose of reality about what he has seen and done, and the lasting effect it has had on himself and those around him.

Watch the video for "Realness" below.
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