Lolingo makes his mark with 'Blueprint' instrumental EP

As one of the founding members of The Square crew, Lolingo has long been honing his production skills alongside some exciting and innovative figures in the scene. Living up to expectations, his new instrumental release, Blueprint, shows off what the Lewisham man can create across a condensed but impressive tracklist.

Title track "Blueprint" opens the collection with an attention-grabbing swagger, using grime staples of brass and string stabs with a big, bold, stepping bassline to give a result that hits hard, but somehow still holds on to a bit of a playful side to its sound.

There’s also a funky edge to both “Italian Job” and “Rude Flex” that begs you to move your feet, or at very least draws out a subtle little bounce when you listen. On “Italian Job”, Lolingo chops up sampled rhythms and melodies, recombining them for a skippy, stop-start blend that adds a hint of authentic, classic hip-hop to the grimy sonics of the EP. Meanwhile, “Rude Flex” swaps out the layers and sticks to thick, slapping bass that mostly stands alone, only embellished with occasional string chords and minimal, marching beats.

Taking a slightly more relaxed route at the EP's mid point, the constant, rolling bass background of “Ritual” plays perfectly against the female vocal cuts as they filter in and out of focus. This one’s wavy, offering a bit of smooth breathing space between the other more in-your-face tracks.

Speaking of a more in-your-face sound, “Rushdown” closes the tracklist with uncompromising blaring impact. Like on “Blueprint”, there’s a build-up of delicate string chords to open the tune, but “Rushdown” leaves the lighter stuff to the side when it drops, repeatedly cutting back and forth from cinematic, lyrical bridges to dirty sub sections with thumping kicks and snappy, syncopated claps.

Listen to Blueprint on Spotify below.
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