MicOfCourse is back to 'Do It Again'

Self proclaimed 'babyround baby' MicOfCourse has more new music for us. After gaining amass of new fans off the back of Lord of the Mics 8, a string of singles before a project is what MicOfCourse needed, fast forward to 2020 and it looks like we might finally have that.

After linking up with another artist who featured on the same LOTM edition, Jay0117, for 'Paid In Full', Mic returns on a solo and more darker tip. Leaning more towards the Drill sound with another Alpha Redd production, Mic provides a catchy hook and quoteable bars alongside a wavy flow switch-up within 'Do It Again'. A visual to go with the audio would be ideal, but with this current pandemic who knows if we'll ever get one.

Listen to 'Do It Again' below on Spotify then keep up-to-date with MicOfCourse on both Instagram and Twitter.

Updated:The video dropped two days later.