Ghetts licks out bar after bar in 'Microsoft Word'

One of the most consistent MCs in quality and quantity, Ghetts drops a lyrically lavish "Mircosoft Word", whilst rollerskating through the quarantined boredom.
"New album on route / Perfect landing whenever that drops"
The grime veteran seemingly offers this as just a simple loosey in these gloomy times, stating at the beginning of the video that this track will not be on his upcoming album, not released as a single, or for sale anywhere. That being said, this certainly does not diminish any of the skill and lyrical savagery we love from the East London rapper. It may even intensify the straight bar tunnel-effect, that Ghetts is able to easily conjure, similar to how artist's mixtape are sometimes better than the album - depending on your preference of course.

This is to say, that here we see Ghetts effortlessly delivering notable bar after bar, forming a wholesome grime cut that many of us will have on repeat, just to catch all that was said. Over a slicing Swindle production, Ghetts loosens the high-velocity energy that we remember from his Ghetto days, yet rather than throwing away this aura, he repackages it's attitude into something more mature, calm, calculated and dominant, but just as confident and dangerous. Assumingly, isolated visuals, from Saoud Khalaf, are shot with a negative effect, almost making the record that much more chilling and cold. Although lyrical nail-biting at every second, Ghetts presents his relaxed demeanor as he rollerskates through the halls of his house.

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