Graft, Irish Paddy, Dialect & Vital Techniques link up for Leeds anthem 'Suh Yuh Gwarn'

Leeds label Second To None have brought together some of the city’s best on 'Suh Yuh Gwarn', showcasing Graft, Irish Paddy and Dialect’s blistering styles over a Vital Techniques beat.

The Northern grime anthem drops in hard, with the rapid snare snaps and fat bassline slaps keeping the energy levels up from start to finish. Each MC brings their A-game, boasting their powers on mic and on road with quick-fire flows that warn others to back down and steer clear. The single comes alongside high-energy visuals by Noble Manor Productions.

Watch 'Suh Yuh Gwarn' below on JDZMedia below, plus don't forget to follow everyone on their socials too.

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