Jammer enlists SBK on new tune 'Grime Boy'

Jammer tells us why he is Grime through and through on his new release 'Grime Boy' with the help of SBK. The production by One Nine Nine is lively with a nostalgic feel reminiscent of Grime circa 2003 -  from the drum pattern to the hi hats to the melody, it's proper old skool Grime skanking stuff.

"I don't do Grime, I am Grime"

Jammer makes a big statement before the tune drops, knowing full well few would argue with him. The love and effort he has put into the scene has always been apparent, and its a beautiful thing to see him recognise the same qualities in SBK. He could not have picked a better MC to feature on the tune. Who could match his allegiance to Grime from such a young age but the Prince of Grime.

"I am a Grime boy so was Jammer" 

SBK bursts through after the chorus with his opening bar, letting us know he's big in the game. It's a pleasure to hear the MC on such a grimy beat, with an iconic MC. Jammer spits some serious bars on the track about his loyalty to the scene, and how he came up. The combination of him, SBK and the production is an all round winner.

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