Jme fends off industry soul-suckers in 'Pricks'

Continuing the excellent fashion in which Jme is unveiling music videos from Grime Mc, the latest “Pricks”, shows him fight off hordes of industry, soul-controlling figures with wine bottles to head-tops and a fire extinguisher.

Following “Here” and “Nang”, alongside those before, “Pricks” offers another bold and distinct Jme style and attitude. Here though, the BBK figure asserts his attention to label heads and corporations, with visuals beginning as Jme swats away a soul-controlling contract.

“Don’t ask me for no clean version of my riddim / You can’t ask Denzel for a clean version of Training Day / Take what you’re given”

Over a Splurt Diablo production, Jme presents the chorus in his matter-of-fact delivery, backed by subtly sung echos, as he explains how his mind state changed after he “stopped listening to all these pricks”. The Tottenham MC continues into some hilarious but observant statements about certain “industry pricks”. To question why companies ask music for clean version, but not in any other artform; to confirm he may be the most DIY artist the UK has to offer; alarm and annoyance at the amount of meetings; 10-man CC emails; and advising youngers to just jump on the mic and make hits. He ends stating the amounts of routes available - all can be different, from Jaykae to P Money to AJ Tracy to your own.

Just as comical visuals, directed by Matthew Walker, portray Jme fending of countless industry personnel, running through hallways, interrupting boardrooms, and spraying everyone with a fire extinguisher. As Jme breaks free into open air, the horde increase, chase and close in, like mindless zombies, for a final standoff.

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