Jme's visual creativity continues via action-packed 'Live' with Merky ACE

Jme steps into the world of late night news to report his latest music video alongside Merky ACE, "Live" - continuing his run of creative, captivating and fun visuals.

Just as interesting as all those before, these latest visuals push this interest even further to incorporate a variety of 'live news'-type settings - of course adjusted to suit Jme's own personality. The track begins with a filthy Tre Mission's production as thick, squelchy bass trudges forward, snapped by tight percussion, and later, higher, tension-building synths.
Jme gets right into firing out the track's title with:

"Everything's live, everything's live, fucking hell fam, everything's live / Behind the tints in my seat, live. Step out, see me on street, live / Stage shows with my peeps, live. Tre, this fucking beat, live / Big man, done past 30, live. Certy, live. Merky, live."

This proceeds into an excellent back and forth from Jme and Merky ACE - each leveling the lyrical skill; each just as engaging; each offering suitable energy to the mix; each certifying their own history and accomplishments. A nice follow on from "Pricks" also, as Merky produced that.

Once again, Matt Walker returns to direct the music video and the team forge their own news channel named The Razor's Edge. Both MCs pose as news anchors - Jerry McElroy (Rudeboy News Anchor) and Axel Cain-Edwards (Doesn't chat shit) - but also switch between various roles - reporters to weathermen, protesters to police chases. Comical attributes are laced heavily throughout, such as "political crinkum crankum"; "the latest fuckery"; wigs of blonde, luscious locks that would have Boris Johnson envious; militant vegans; gale force winds; Jme's durag getting a restraining order against him; frontline postcode wars; a cannabis and alcohol comparison; and Hurricane Jackum approaching Hertfordshire. Enjoy.

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