Lewi B ups the levels for digital release of 'Smoke In The Studio (Deluxe)'

Reigning BeatBoss champ Lewi B recently supplied a exclusive physical release of Smoke In The Studio. If you didn’t manage to cop one of those limited-edition CDs, here’s your chance to hear what the Young Grime Warlord has been up to, as he’s made some additions and dropped a monster deluxe version for download.

Across 27 tracks, Lewi B showcases his signature style of on-point grime instrumentals. Opening with a VIP of "Issmad", one of his productions featured on Jme’s recent Grime MC, the levels are set high from the very start. "Jumperz" takes classic videogame aesthetics and melds them into a bright, fast-paced beat, contrasting with "Ting", which takes the vibe to a much deeper, darker place. Immediately after, "Burse" turns everything on its head with its twisted, off-beat energy and bizarre, unpredictable melodic splashes, while Lewi then opts for a refined, orchestral sound on the cinematic "Kylo Ren" - and that’s just within the first 8 tracks.

The quality and variety keep up all the way through to the end, where Frisco makes the album’s only vocal feature on ‘Yeah’. Lewi B is definitely making his mark, and this huge collection demonstrates exactly why.

Check out Smoke In The Studio (Deluxe) on Bandcamp below.
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