Nasty Jack's 'Shungite' is an instrumental sign of the times

Nasty Jack’s relentless workrate in 2020 has already supplied a slew of releases, and he doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon. The latest drop is Shungite, a 9-track instrumental project, taking the basic building blocks of grime and expertly layering them for some interesting results. 

“Face Mask Social Kweffa” is a through-and-through hitter, with a lurching beat and blaring subs, while “Shungite” has a mysterious ritualistic energy, veiled and pulsing. Becky on the Beat adds her production skills to Nasty Jack’s on “Boris Johnson”, sitting right alongside “President Trump” in a tracklist that references the strange times we're living through.

Check out Shungite below on Spotify.
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