Row D has 'Money to Make' with his latest release

After a period of radio silence, Row has burst into 2020 with two Levlz productions 'Mirror' and 'Certi'. This time around he has partnered with Lewi B on 'Money to Make' to let us know if it's not making him money, he isn't getting involved. 

Row D puts his signature flow over a very grimy production. The North London MC's punchy lyrics and hard hitting delivery remind us why it's so easy to get hyped from listening to his music. Never one to beat around the bush, his bars are as brutal and honest as ever. His first bar when the beat drops is nothing but savage - 

"I'm a fully grown man can't boss me about, try violate get a box in the mouth."

The production is both aggressive and energetic, reminiscent of a duel between characters in a video game. The whole feel of the track sounds like it was created specifically for Row D; his vocal tone and flow marry with the beat nicely. Play this tune in your car on the way to work, with the volume up loud, whilst you spit along to the catchy chorus.

Now with three singles under his belt, let's wait and see if this leads to Row D releasing a feature length project.

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