Snowy refuses to hold his tongue on '26 PERSONALITIES'

Never one to shy away from voicing his views, Snowy has released 26 PERSONALITIES.

On the vocal version "DONTTRAPEARNHONESTLY_", he talks about becoming desensitised to the everyday violence experienced in marginalised communities. The instrumental is heavy without the vocals as well, calling out "DOMINIC CUMMINGS" for his recent hypocrisy and the lack of care of the government in holding him to account. As protests against police brutality in response to the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer spread across the US, its a damning message of the damage that has been done by the powerful against the powerless.

Proceeds from 26 PERSONALITIES will go to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, who are bailing out people arrested for participating in the protests against police brutality. You can find out more about their work on their website:

Listen to and purchase 26 PERSONALITIES below.
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