Syer B presents 'Syernide Barz 001 Freestyle'

Syer Barz presents part one of a series of freestyles entitled Syernide Barz, and if 001 is anything to go by, the following editions are going to be fire.

Syer goes in as soon as the beat drops and he murders it from start to finish. His blunt dominant delivery adds a power to his wordplay that's unique. Syer B is a sick wordsmith.

"I'm ten levels above any of them little mugs that keep talking stuff, if you think i'll bluff you're out your nut you done more drugs than Courtney Love"

The beat is dark and fierce with a sharp disturbing string melody running through and has a  vibe that can only be described as being one hundred percent Grime. Its an atmospheric beat that takes you into a zone. Probably best experienced in good quality headphones or turned all the way up with some serious base, in a room with the doors and windows shut.

'Syernide Barz Freestyle 001' is a wholly solo project from the production to the videography. If you like the track Syer B has put the vocal and the instrumental on Bandcamp for free. Bandcamp supports the artist by letting them profit from 100% of sales, and gives music lovers the option to pay a higher price than what is asked. 

Check out Syer's bandcamp page to purchase the track here. Follow Syer Barz on Twitter and InstagramBe sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel to see when the next freestyle drops.