Take a seat and relax with the latest Pearly Whites compilation

Artwork by Sam Lambert

Pearly Whites, a Bristol-based record label, have always been connoisseurs of the somewhat underappreciated, chilled side of grime music, a large contrast to its more energetic, aggressive side of the genre. Showcased through their "Pearly Whites" compilations, the fourth edition returns with the mellowed sonics we've come to expect from the label. Featuring some familiar faces from the series, such as Jammz, Invader Spade, Boss Mischief, and Lemzly Dale (head of the label), as well as some new additions such as young snooze, Argo, and DJ Pop Shuv.

There's a variety of sounds on the tape, from the choppy grime of "I Get Around" and "They Forced Me", to the chilled footwork of "Cha Kno", and the lo-fi hip hop vibes in "4/20". Check it out below on Bandcamp or head over to SoundCloud!

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