Treble Clef shows his compositional skills on new 'Ooh LP'

Treble Clef has blessed us with a new instrumental collection, the Ooh LP.  Across 10 tracks, the longstanding producer tells you why he's still one of the greatest in the game.

More than anything, the album demonstrates the deep musicality that Treble Clef brings to his art. Unexpected moments, like the piano bridge in “Testing” that suddenly sweeps the song out from under you with an off-key shift, or the raw, overdriven guitar riffs in “Same Ol” that add grunge-rock to grime, show that he has a creative ear that few others can compete with. There’s always a human element to the beats too, coming from the wordless vocal samples, expressive synths and rich instruments that spread across the collection. Importantly, these tracks really feel like they’ve been performed rather than programmed.

Listen to Ooh LP on Bandcamp below.
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