Dexplicit brings a cinematic scale to his instrumentals on the 'Gotham EP'

Taking inspiration from the Dark Knight, Dexplicit's 'Gotham EP' is instrumental grime on an epic scale.

The title track opens with tense strings and blaring brass that bring a powerful cinematic feeling, setting the tone for the rest of the release. 'Arkham' takes a different angle on a similar theme, stripping the sound down to its bare bones of string stabs, marching drum patterns and a bassline that switches between a more restrained sliding undertone to choppy full-force punches - it feels like a clash between superheros is happening right there as you listen. Lastly, 'Exodus' finds balance and order in the midst of chaos, as a murky sea of churning instrumental harmonies clarifies into a bold bass fanfare, bright melodic accents and an uplifting top note that draws you through the finale.

Listen to and download the 'Gotham EP' on Bandcamp below.