Dogzilla returns alongside OT Crew on 'Take The Throne'

The return of Dogzilla has been slowly but surely building up over the course of 2020. Now with his album confirmed and set for release, expect a good few visuals alongside to follow up. Dogzy kicks off his album campaign with 'Take The Throne'. The track features a mix of old and new faces who'll feature under the OT name. Sporting his Jamacian away shirt, Rolla gets things started before Meshman and TCDAGENIUS drop their own big verses respectfully. With Term on the beat and Risky Roadz behind the camera, Dogzilla brought back that '05 feeling.

View the 'Take The Throne' video below, keep an eye out for the album 'Old Dog, New Tricks' on 18th September, plus follow the crew on Twitter too.