Frisco spits about being a 'Black Man' on his new track

Spitting about the reality of the prejudice he faces, Frisco details the psychology of being black in his moving track about life as a 'Black Man'The emotional melody marries well with a simple weighty beat, making Frisco's lyrics stand out further. 

"To be honest man the truth of the matter all lives don't matter till black lives matter"

Frisco spits with a heart-wrenching tone that will tug at your heart whether you have experienced what he goes through or not. The visuals are plain, yet powerful as we see Frisco all in black spitting his bars and footage from Black Lives Matter protests. All proceeds from the song will go to the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.

Check out the video for the track below. You can keep updated with Frisco's music by following him on Twitter and Instagram.