J Beatz creates instant classics on 'Stu EP'

Mode FM and Beatboss legend J Beatz has consistently shown the grime scene how to make music that packs a serious punch. His use of space and powerful drum loops have earned him producer credits on some of grime’s more important songs in the past 5 years: from Capo Lee and Saf1’s 'Gyal from Brum' to Logan’s 'Wicked & Wile'Always offering versatility, J’s latest EP features 5 tracks- each with their own unique mood and style.

‘Stu’ is a snare heavy showcase in simplicity of melodies. It’s a fast paced track that keeps things very subdued, very understated. In contrast, ‘Orchestral’ offers up a far bigger picture with ambitious strings and a real thud of bass so synonymous with J Beatz. ‘Estrella’, a slick, smooth but very dangerous beat that exudes tension around every corner. Starting off very dubby, ‘Throwback’ harks back to a dark garage feeling. Dancehall synths create pressure on the drop which sinks into a sub heavy shelling of artillery. Finishing off  the EP is Juggernaut’ with a collab from Portsmouth’s Audioslugs. The 8bit melodies give a nostalgic feel- beefed up with jarring bass hooks reminiscent of Beatboss co-legend Sware. 
Available to buy through Bandcamp (below) and stream through Spotify, 'Stu EP' already feels part of grime’s history, showing love for the foundations while still remaining very forward thinking in its execution.

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