Kid D & Novelist explore responsibility and success on 'Serious Choices'

On the fourth single from his upcoming Substance EP, Kid D has recruited Novelist for the introspective "Serious Choices". 

The track holds a message of taking responsibility for your path in life and finding the resilience to keep grafting to overcome adversity. The righteous message of the lyrics is matched by Kid D's own dreamlike production, bringing a profound energy and enchanting atmosphere to the tune. Novelist's vocal hook sets the tone with his hopeful and inspiring vision of victory: "so wealthy I share what's mine for my own enjoyment", "now I've got bread and I'm here rejoicing".

Still, there's a shift near the end of Kid D's verse that shows the underlying tension of the struggle to succeed. The beat loses it's lighter notes and fades to a more unsettled ebbing pulse, as Kid D spits about facing down those that continue to doubt him: "Them man have got awkward energy, they're their own worst enemy / Fuck all the jealousy, I don't give a damn what they're telling me". Ultimately, "Serious Choices" tells us that the journey is far from easy, and that discipline and commitment are necessary to keep on track and truly prosper.

Stream "Serious Choices" on Spotify below.
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