MC Jumanji carries the flag for American grime in his latest EP, 'Close Curtains'

American Grime's MC Jumanji has dropped his latest grime EP, Close Curtains. Hailing from Miami, Florida, Jumanji has been repping grime from across the Atlantic for some years now - in 2015 he released the short King of American Grime EP, followed by Not Done Yet in 2017 and American Grime: The Takeover in 2018.

The EP is a quality release on par with any good UK EP. With a diverse selection of great production and engaging MC'ing, Close Curtains is a good example of what NA has to offer when it comes to grime. The project features UK MC's Grim Sickers (on "Atlantic") and Logan (on "Legacy"), along with US MC Werd2Jah (on "808 Soldier"), the latter of which both wield similar patois-infused lyrical styles. Producers include Americans 3rdi, SpaceJail, San Francisco-based mrshl, Canadian producer Abstrakt Sonance, and UK producers Mr. Skandal, and Poklypz.

Check out the project on streaming services or Bandcamp below!

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