Mental Health in Grime: Episode 5 w/ Row D

For episode five of 'Mental Health in Grime', I El Formosa, interview Row D about his musical hiatus and how he maintains good mental health.

We talk about how his physical health impacted on his mental health, and how he got himself to a good place mentally. Row D tells me about his current lifestyle regime and how that positively affected his mental health. We discuss the growth in his music and why he's spitting honest lyrics from now on. Row D also talks about how combating an addiction to weed changed his life and improved his health.

Row D's honesty about his past music, mental and physical health issues and his new lifestyle was refreshing. I have no doubt his experiences will not only resonate with people, but supply concrete evidence that lifestyle changes do indeed impact positively on mental health; thus helping with ill mental health.

Check out the interview below, follow me on Instagram to catch my next live interview next Friday at 3.30pm when I will be talking to Names Bliss. Don't forget to follow Row D on Twitter and Instagram for updates on his music too.