Mez maintains an 'always ready' stature on the grime scene with 'Woke Up'

Mez can always be relied upon for excellent grime, helping to maintain the genre and bringing a satisfying fire of intensity. Sporting an incredible and vibrant Lucha Libre (wrestling) outfit, the Nottingham spitter bites into a Wonder production, to regurgitate some confrontational talk on "Woke Up".

"This one sounds like kicking out teeth"

After the distinct "Uncle Mez" sound waves brought by Babylon Can't Roll EP in March, he spends little downtime before returning with this latest music video - not found on Spotify yet at least. Wonder laces a distorted, alien-esque production, as washing static, fuzz wipes past the odd blip and bloop. Certain soft melodic drones are implemented at the chorus' which incorporates a softer a layer of interest.

Mez is clearly driven by a confrontational attitude and questioning another, as he proceeds to offer competitive statements throughout - "you remind me, of a man who gets boxed up by their girlfriend when he cheats, and he nightmares and shakes when he sleeps". Whilst visuals from Bipolar Spider, post a casual Mex outside a housing estate, seemingly mid-Corona season due the emptiness contained, other than the rapper.
The track seems like light work for Mez, though certain comments offer thoughts on who it's a send for. More important, the Notts lyricist coolly performs his skill effortless, offering a nod to prior MCs like Chronik, inserting a nice 'Blinded by the Lights/The Streets' bar and sample, and overall, seemingly showing that he's always ready for a challenge.

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