Quarantine is the theme for Lady Leshurr's latest EP 'Quaranqueen'

Brum MC Lady Leshurr has dropped a short EP titled 'Quaranqueen'. Featuring four tracks and four skits, the EP is largely a lighthearted take on issues relating to the Covid-19 quarantine. With a playful attitude, Leshurr addresses the various issues she has faced during the quarantine, such as in 'Quarantine Speech' with bars such as "I went Sainsbury’s just to get bog roll / All sold out, I’m like what now?" or in 'Isolation' with "Been cooking up, taking bare selfies in the house / Tryna get my hair did, wanna do the nails" interspersed with comical bars, such as "Now you’re all over the place / Like Donald Trump’s hair" from the song 'Ms Rona'.

The EP also includes a short conversation with Jamaican artist Popcaan, wherein they catch-up on what each other is upto, and comedian Leigh Francis (aka Keith Lemon) who discusses his amusement with filming box opening videos. 

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