B:Thorough gets a well deserved homecoming on self titled EP

Croydon producer B:Thorough is staking a huge claim on 2020, in a year where the output of instrumental grime has taken a few hits. After a blockbuster collaborative EP with JT The Goon earlier this year on his own label Textured, B:Thorough sees his second major release this year on Furious Styles’ Imprint HI-NRG. 

'Turn Back Time' sets the scene on this four tracker with a dreamy soundscape. Drawn out ambience gives space for B:Thorough’s signature stabbing melodies- of which he gives a quick tutorial on during Subtle FM’s bootleg challenge.

'Falling Down The Stairs' is a deconstructed Eski masterclass in devil mixes - and must be  the only time I will ever be able to say that. The track breaks down to bring nostalgia of a more recent time; offering an exploratory hark to 2015 mumdance or logos sets. Gliding squares seem to move past each other through a weightless void and deliver a fresh take on classic Triton sounds. 'Super Freeze' pulls in a little more of that B:Thorough 8bit bass, eski-plucking and twitching throughout. The use of samples in place of instruments make it a sonic showcase. tyre screeches, gunshots and vocal chants replace snares to great effect.

Rounding off the project, 'Trance 2000' fills every available gap in contrast to the previous  two, which were more space heavy. An uplifting synth plays on that acid house/trance sound to give a complex melody for him to play with using the low pass filter. The beat pattern is as intricate as the melody, providing path for the synths to glide over.

This EP is a perfect addition to any USB looking to explore the more experimental sides of the sound, and is available to purchase through HI-NRG’s bandcamp below alonside Amazon Music. It is also available to stream via Spotify, Apple Music and Souncloud too. Keep up-to-date with the producer himself via Twitter.