Damndef and Lobotome carry the flag for Korean grime music in latest EP

Note: A playlist for Korean grime music can be found on YouTube or Spotify.

Damndef and LOBOTOME, both grime artists based-in and from South Korea, have linked up and released an 8-track grime EP entitled Stand-Alone System. It is the first project of its kind to be released from Korea. Both artists have been carrying the flag for grime for a few years now, releasing songs such as 'No Brother' back in 2017. The project is an interesting fusion of Korean MC'ing and hard-hitting grime production.

The EP sees the duo collaborate with fellow Korean artists such as Rhythm Power, Psycoban, Chaboom, Wolfkooky, JUSTHIS, and Paloalto. In the run-up to the projects digital release, Seoul Community Radio hosted a 'Korean Grime EP Showcase' event which featured a flurry of DJ sets, one of which saw Damndef pick up the mic and MC live on radio.

Check out the project below on Spotify or your preferred streaming service!

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