Jianbo carries laid-back vibes in 'S.H.A.O.L.I.N'

'S.H.A.O.L.I.N' is the latest release from South-East London's Jianbo. The instrumental - produced by Fatmoney - carries a laid-back, mellow and dreamlike vibe. Lyrically, the track exudes confidence as Jianbo lets known his talent as an MC, "Draw for the pen, won't waste my time / Barring a man, that's a waste of a line" and "Tryna hate on this kid from Saigon, it's too late man, you're just a bygone", with an engaging flow that blends well with the production.

Jianbo released the music video for the song yesterday with 'zero budget' and was 'entirely made by friends'.

Jianbo can be found on Instagram if you're interested in future updates. Check out the song below!