Manga Saint Hilare releases his production debut 'Interlude Deluxe'

Manga Saint Hilare drops an unexpected EP of his own productions entitled 'Internet Deluxe'. He re works some of his most popular tunes to show us his skills as a producer.

The project features seven tracks of genius. Manga manages to keep the original elements of his tunes while taking them in a different direction and providing a new vibe. Expect him to spit some serious bars, with an injection of some enjoyable keyboard melodies and a large slice of gentle rhythms with striking samples. 

Stand-out tracks include 'Faux Gold (Fools Gold)', a smooth vibe with a groovy gentle piano melody and 'Slewing Them Softly (Slew)', a light bouncy rhythm with a catchy vocal sample. Play this on a warm evening indoors during the summer. It's the perfect soundtrack to chill out to.

You can purchase/stream the 'Internet Deluxe' below on Bandcamp, plus don't forget to follow Manga on his socials to see what he releases next - FacebookTwitterInstagram