Mental Health in Grime: Episode 6 w/ Names Bliss

This week for 'Mental Health in Grime' I, El Formosa, talk to Names Bliss. We talk about growing up in North West London and what mental health really means.

We discuss the air of mystery around his persona and why he comes across as elusive. I find out what inspires him to make music and what hes got planned for the rest of 2020. Names Bliss tells me about his experiences growing up as well as how they have affected him as an adult. We go over how we can reach the younger generation and be an example to them, specifically through music.

Names Bliss gives us a rare insight into his thoughts and opinions and shows us his honest, humorous personality. That and his passion for music will enable you to appreciate his songs in a different light.

Check out the interview below plus follow me on Instagram to catch my next interview with Bristol DJ J-Oh-Zee, next Friday at 3.30 on Instagram Live. You can follow Names Bliss to hear when he drops new music - Instagram & Twitter