Mental Health in Grime: Episode 7 w/ J Oh Zee

For the seventh installment of 'Mental Health in Grime', I El Formosa, talk to DJ J Oh Zee. We discuss about the Grime scene in London and Bristol, and what it's like to deal with anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
J Oh Zee talks about Bristol's Grime scene, and her move to London. We go over how the scene there compares to London's. 

We discuss J Oh Zee's openness on social media about anxiety and PTSD. I find out how she is affected by both and ways in which she manages her mental health. She tells me how she handles her nerves before her sets and what she does if she feels anxious while at work.

J Oh Zee gives an in depth explanation into what it's like to experience anxiety. We get to understand what triggers are and some of the physical and mental experiences that can happen when anxiety attacks her.

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