Mental Health in Grime: Episode 8 w/ K9

For this weeks 'Mental Health in Grime' episode, I El Formosa interview west London MC K9, about loss, anxiety and music.

K9 was brave enough to let me know that talking about what he has been through is not easy and he was slightly nervous about our interview. We walked through the first part of the interview slowly and despite his earlier reservations he was very open about his mental health.

We talk about the many people he has lost over the years and what kind of affect that has had on him - as a result he experiences anxiety. We delve into what that is like for him and in what instances it shows up. K9 tells me how he manages anxiety and what helps him to alleviate it.

We also discuss his place in the Grime scene and and his forthcoming music projects, plus that iconic Grime Show set for Logan Sama's Christmas party 2018.

K9 was such a joy to speak to, far from the aggressive personality you may think he has, in reality he is honest, open and charming with some wonderful stories to tell. It would have been a disservice to him to limit our interview to one hour so this a two part interview. In the second part of the interview K9 blesses us with some bars! 

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