Prince of Grime SBK releases debut EP 'God Complex'

Artwork by EJ

Eighteen year old, independent artist SBK, follows his incredible run of releases in 2020 and drops 'God Complex' the EP.
The six track EP boasts features from Shorty BBK, Laughta, Jammz and Eyez. SBK has produced four tracks while Jammz and Tao White are credited for the remaining two. 

Track number three 'Is it really that' was released prior to 'God Complex'. The intro is Wiley expressing his annoyance that people are saying Grime is dead. SBK spits about what it was like for him growing up and how Grime has helped him.

Stand out track 'Boss' featuring Laughta and Jammz (who also produced the tune) is a lively, vibrant track that'll get you up and dancing. The addition of a female MC gives it a sick edge, and adds to the hype atmosphere.

'God Complex' is an honest, upfront, confident body of work. SBK's refreshing lyrics about where he has come from and what he hopes to achieve resonate with everyone. Perhaps he is saying what most MC's are afraid to say on a track. The collection of tunes give us a range of modes from dulcet to aggressive, to upbeat to deep. Let's not forget the project was put together during lockdown in his bedroom and is a self funded project. 

To accompany the EP, SBK released a Youtube video talking about his relentless ambition to be great and how that sometimes leaves him feeling inadequate. He talks about finding himself through music and his struggles with anxiety and not feeling good enough. It is  abundantly clear that SBK is wise beyond his years as he displays awareness of self the average eighteen year old has not yet developed.

You can stream and buy 'God Complex' on all available digital outlets, including Bandcamp.

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