Bugzy Malone returns with 'M.E.N 3'

The artist who put "Manny on the Map" has returned in a big way. Earlier in the year Bugzy Malone suffered a horrible accident on his quad bike whilst driving around Manchester, it was life threatening. After months of recovery Bugzy Malone has returned to the booth, laid down his verses, shot a video too and now has presented it to the world.

With a darker tone to the track, this is Bugzy Malone's third offering in his 'M.E.N' series. Straight from the offset Bugzy hits us with shocking truths of his reality growing up and what he endured during his earlier years in life. This comeback is what many fans have been waiting for, it's great news to see and hear that the King of Manny is back healthy again and on his way to be fighting fit again.

Watch the video for 'M.E.N 3' below, stream/purchase it through your digital outlet of choice here, plus don't forget to catch Bugzy Malone on both Insta and Twitter too.