Mace The Great carries the flag for Wales with new anthem 'Brave'

Mace The Great returns with a certified anthem, continuing to cement his and Cardiff's place within the UK music scene.

This latest single "Brave" shows off Mace's infectious flow & talent for delivering a hook that is both catchy & powerful. "Coming from the land of the Brave, God knows what I would've done for a decent wage" is a strong start to any tune, hitting harder than most. Mace's lyrics show where he has come from & that he's not here to be messed with - nor is his city. The video produced by Red Brck matches the song's energy, reinforcing the theme of bravery as Mace references a host of current issues focused on the Black Lives Matter movement. A powerful statement is made by the newspaper front pages that surround him, including one shot that draws attention to the media treatment of Meghan Markle.

Cardiff was the focus point for 'Targets Touchdown' on BBC Radio 1Xtra earlier this month and DJ Target chose this track to kick things off. A song fit to start any show or set, "Brave" excites and personifies Cardiff.

With more releases due before the end of the year, Mace's journey of greatness looks set to continue.

Watch the video for "Brave" below.
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