Mental Health in Grime: Episode 10 w/ Shizz McNaughty

For episode 10 of 'Mental Health in Grime', I El Formosa talk to Shizz McNaughty about growing up in Bow E3, his eclectic music taste and why hes been so quiet on social media in recent months.
Shizz talks about his influences and experiences growing up in Bow E3, around some of Grime's biggest names. We go through how his early musical journey influenced his current music productions.

We discuss where life has taken him musically and why we haven't seen many releases from him in recent months. He talks about who he has been producing tunes for and details his preferred process when it comes to making tune.

Shizz drops some gems about life and how he has handled low points in his life, he also recommends a life changing book that's helped him through difficult times and relays some of the beliefs that dictate how he lives his life. A lovely, warm individual, Shizz has beautiful energy. It was a great opportunity to get to know an artist who doesn't show much of himself online.

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