Japan's Catarrh Nisin takes aim in 'Heboi'


Japanese grime MC Catarrh Nisin has dropped his latest single, "Heboi" (or "ヘボい"), featuring production from Devonshire's Skinzman. The song features on Darx's recent project Summer Season Sprayout, a large collab album featuring artists such as Jakebob, Popzzy English, Jaykae, Badness, Devilman and more.

"Heboi" means 'unskilled' in English. Catarrh's flow is notably fast, energetic, and skippy. In the song, Catarrh discusses the lack of meaningful content in other music, and complains about the mass-production of bland and repetitive music.

Check out the song below! For more from Catarrh, you can find him on Twitter and Instagram.