Premiere: Dunman goes "Mad" with Deeks & Rame on his upcoming '99 Basslines EP'

A consistent supplier of quality bass music, Simply Deep can be counted on to bring the heat with the artists they select. Now, its Dunman's turn to carry on that trend with the imminent arrival of his 99 Basslines EP.

Dunman has been making an increasingly large impact with his prolific refix EPs as well as his original productions. A co-founder of the ESC_ imprint with releases on In:flux Audio, Southpoint, Project Allout Records, 1Forty, Reloaded Sounds and more, he’s no stranger to pushing the boundaries, embracing wide-ranging styles and sounds from the 140 spectrum. Listening to the 99 Basslines EP gives you snapshots of his tastes, including elements of chugging, iron-clad dubstep, zoned-out atmospheric wave, sweet and silky-smooth R&G, and, of course, a heaped serving of powerhouse grime settings.

“War Fi Dem” features on the EP in its own right without vocals, but adding the talents of MCs Deeks & Rame results in the brief but concentrated “Mad”. Their compact 16-bar flows lay over a warry beat that switches between growling, screw-face bass and the jerking rhythms of a swifter grime bouncer. “Mad” showcases another angle to an already formidable instrumental as the mic-men pass the vocals back and forth between them, infusing the track with the live organic energy that gives grime its undeniable potency.

Check out our premiere of “Mad” below on the OUAG SoundCloud ahead of the 99 Basslines EP dropping 3rd September.

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