Donation Dubs 013: November 2020

We're back again with another instalment of Donation Dubs, sharing some of our favourite tracks found while digging online.
As per usual, there are two sections: one with free or pay-what-you-choose downloads and the other for releases that have a fixed price but that are an absolute bargain.
You can also check out our Donation Dubs 013 mix on SoundCloud, exclusively featuring tracks from this list, at the bottom of the page.

Have a scroll, have a listen, and support the artists who catch your ear!

Fixed Price Bargains:

Owlybeats x Tintz – Blacka Dan

“Blacka Dan” links together the production skills of Owlybeats and the vocal talents Tintz to supply a fiery war riddim. The off-beat, near-untraceable instrumental is mirrored by Tintz’s intricate and unpredictable flow, pushing the scraping strings and merky bassline patterns to their structural limits. The single comes with the instrumental version as well, which deals formidable damage in its own right.

Shizz McNaughty – The 10f1 EP

Putting the mic to one side, Shizz focuses on his instrumental skills for this EP. “ESKIBEAT” is an stripped-back, understated skanker, while “MAD” brings through a more playful UKG-tinge vibe. “nicoles groove is drill” does what it says on the tin, re-imagining the bouncing beat in terms of introspective, mellow drill. Finally, “Chapter” is a shuddering but hypnotic ending, with deep wooden pipes drifting through jagged percussive hits.

Dunman – Psycho x Norman 

Previously dropped on one of his limited-time Bandcamp Day packs, Dunman has given his electric refix of Trends & Boylan’s “Norman Bates” a more permanent release in its own right. Complete with classic verses from Merky Ace and Kozzie, the original’s creeping horror-show energy is multiplied by this frantic adrenaline-filled rework.

Two Rangers – Two Rangers

Bukez Finest and NGHT DRPS have come together to form Two Rangers, supplying intergalactic shipments of space-age 140. Out on Deep Medi, this is admittedly is more of a dubstep release, but these experimental instrumentals are begging for a skilled MC to jump on them in a set. Just imagine the carnage of a perfect lyrical throughball as “Leng Pon Sirius” dropped, or a deep, dark style of spitting getting laid over the wave-tinged electronics and soundsystem-shaking bass of “Two Rangers”.

IZCO x PK – Warrior Chant / Ps In

With IZCO on the buttons and PK on mic, the two tracks on this release where never going to be anything but sick. Matching twitchy quickfire bars with choppy UKG-influenced rhythms and sweeter melodic chords, both artists are at the top of their game as they supply these vibrant sounds.

Lilo A – OCEAN

Not a lot can be said about Lilo A’s OCEAN other than that you’d be a fool not to listen and absorb the Brazilian producer’s bizarre soundscapes. According to the woman herself, there’s also a deeper meaning hidden in the experimental EP’s artwork, track titles and samples. We haven’t managed to decipher it yet, but maybe you’ll have more luck.

Pay-What-You-Choose / Free: 

Matesu – Set of Tools Vol. 1

16 year old Matesu may be young, but the Sao Paulo producer packs a punch well beyond his years on his latest EP. Set of Tools Vol. 1 is a dark collection of 140 beats that begins with the understated, shadowy “DVD”. “Warehouse” follows, supplying a heavy dose of nostalgia through classic stepping wubs and shuffling rhythms, before “Rewind” hits with a blend of overcharged synth sweeps and layered, unpredictable beats, giving the tracks it’s chaotic but irresistible wavy energy.

Horrickle – Demise (Capo Lee – Dream Acapella)

Birmingham’s Horrickle brings a new scale to his already cinematic “Demise” instrumental by adding Capo Lee’s “Dream” verses. Combining smooth, string chords with warry metallic blows and a sticky bassline, the track is a menacing ode to the aggressive mindset necessary to succeed against adversity.

 Eklispe – East Manna Man (Cody Reks Remix)

Bringing a new angle to Eklipse’s 2016 single, Cody Reks’s remix of “East Manna Man” comes with a roaring darkside intensity that matches the MCs’ merciless bars. The ebbing bass that opens the track is soon replaced with uncompromising deep dubstep energy. Even so, Eklispe’s delivery never fails to stab through the densely packed instrumental onslaught, maintaining the essential combative impact of the original. 

Patrick Brian – Oooh!

Posted up by GrimeDisciple, this cut from Patrick Brian is stellar. Rising with an icy, echoing melody that drifts through tight-packed ticking beats, “Oooh!” drops with relentless, sub-shaking force. It’s expertly constructed, perfectly balanced, and an undeniable powerhouse production.

Nonames – Dads and Mums (Kable Bootleg)

Putting his own heavier spin on Noname’s “Dads and Mums”, Kable takes an already lively track featuring vocals from Roachee and Killa P to a new level. The unforgiving picture that the MCs paint is matched by his raw bass punches and tense, faltering rhythms. That all goes out the window with the final drop, though, as the track shifts gear into a heavy breaky skanker.

Creepz Beatz – Midnight Sky Remix

It’s not exactly expected to hear a grime remix of Miley Cyrus, but Creepz Beatz turns up the BPM on the US popstar’s “Midnight Sky” to craft a strange but surprisingly soulful track. The nimble instrumental compliments the edited vocals well, building a short but versatile dancefloor filler with a lighter, swifter sound than the bulk of other entries on this list.

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