Tommy B comes of age with new project 'Man Up'

Tommy B drops a feature length project of 8 tracks, produced by Zdot and Krunchie.

With a track list that boasts summer banger 'No Dramas' and the remix featuring Local and Kamakaze, Tommy B really goes in on 'Man Up' providing vibes for everyone.

On Title track 'Man Up', Tommy spits over a slower tempo beat about having to stand up and become a man. We get to know the man behind the artist and hear about him growing up and the challenges he faced. It's a very powerful track. Stand out track 'Celebration' is a smooth, mellow track with a vibey little melody. It was clear he had it in him, but it's sick to hear Tommy rapping over the beat.

This is a powerful project with some sick word plays and punchlines, not to mention great production by Zdot and Krunchie. Play 'Man Up' loud with the bass turned all the way up and zone out to the sounds of a very serious project.

Check out the amazing visuals for title track 'Man Up' below.

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