Bugzy Malone & Chip join forces on 'Notorious'

The video has sent the internet wild, but it isn't exactly Grime unfortunately. Chip and Bugzy Malone have had one of the most infamous 'beefs' in Grime so to say. Both MC's stock values shot up after their online back and forths, one more than the other of course. It's a good few years since the qualms in the petrol station or outside Chick King, with the animosity between the two fully squashed. A photo of the pair in the studio went viral just before the new year, now into it, we've got the audio with a visual to match.

'Notorious', inspired by B.I.G of course, sees the duo on a Hip-Hop flex, much to the dissapointment of many core fans due to the nature and sound these two were championed on. Never-the-less it's a special moment and time for the scene seeing two huge names put their troubles behind them and both benefit musically.

Check out the video below, plus don't forget to follow the pair on their socials too.

Bugzy Malone - Instagram/Twitter. Chip - Instagram/Twitter.