Chowerman & Rolla ask 'What's Happening Geezer' on their latest tune

Radio sets are where many big, the best and memorable bars are made. The energy floating around the room when someone drops a huge lyric is unmatchable. The older heads of the scene have already given the lyrics their seal of approval and with that, Chowerman turned his top lyric into a tune.

"Where we come from 'What's Happening Geezer' aint a question, it's a greeting."

Teaming up with fellow Essex MC Rolla, the pair skip over a very energetic Delzo beat with catchy lyrics and an even catchier hook, turning local dialect into a tune to spread to the masses. The Essex Grime scene has a few big hitters emerging from the shadows, with Chowerman and Rolla definitely helping lead the way.

Watch the visual for 'What's Happening Geezer' below, stream through your selected digital outlet here, plus don't forget to follow the pair on socials too.

Chowerman - Instagram/Twitter. Rolla - Instagram/Twitter. Delzo - Twitter.