Dizzee Rascal & Ocean Wisdom warn opponents 'Don't Be Dumb' in bizarre music video

Linking up for the third time, Ocean Wisdom and Dizzee Rascal have dropped the music video for 'Don’t Be Dumb', a collaboration featured on Dizzee’s recent 'E3 AF' project.

Both MCs have previously showcased their capability for rapid-fire deliveries on mic, but this one takes it to another level. Trading bars back and forth in a strange selection of settings that includes a doll’s house, a rainforest and a brain in a tank, they definitely bring the best out of each other, pushing themselves to the absolute limit. The tense, horror-show inspired production from Splurgeboys adds to the bizarre visuals, breakneck flows and entertaining but unhinged lyrical images to create a mind-boggling spectacle that draws you in and keeps your eyes and ears glued throughout.

Check out 'Don’t Be Dumb', directed by Louis Macaky, below on DirteeTV.

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