Earthspin Recordings mash up reggae and dub with grime on new 'Pure Vibes' EP

Mashing up reggae and dub aesthetics with grime, Earthspin Recordings have released their Bandcamp-exclusive Pure Vibes EP, featuring two instrumentals each from three heavyweight producers. If you’re in need of some spiritual rejuvenation in these difficult times, this one’s for you.

First up, Kenny Davis comes through with the anthemic “Irie Riddim”, combining pulsating electric organ chords with a wavy grime bassline. He later follows up with war-ready energy on “Sound Di Big Ting”, building the beat around bold brass and string stabs, classic rhymthic guitar chords, and crisp shuffling percussion. JT The Goon opts for mellow, introspective sounds on his contributions. “Stages Of Time” ebbs and flows with a deep and mysterious power that always seems just outside of your grasp, and “Switching Genres” is a hypnotic drifter that draws you in and carries you away into the sky. Finally, Dullah Beatz returns to a more upfront style of skanker – “Buds Garden” begs you to step along with the bright combination of steel pans and soaring brass, and “Soul Food” layers snappy rhythm, a reverb-laden guitar and mesmerising top-end melodies into a stunning result.

Check out and purchase Pure Vibes on Bandcamp below.

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