Fernquest shows who's the hardest in Wales with Tentoez TV freestyle

Newport's Fernquest has reminded fans that when it come to Wales and  "Who's Da Hardest", his name should be at the top of your list.

You may also know him from his 'Fire in the Booth' as Tiny Skits and on this freestyle for Tentoez TV he makes it clear who's addressing you and what to expect. "Sack Fernquest, Tiny Skits is back" sets the tone as he rides the Spleen Eye beat with effortless flow and conviction. In a time of lockdowns and some artists not releasing a lot of music, it could mean that fans forget who's top of the pecking order, but Fernquest makes sure there's no doubt. Referencing his time grinding within the scene, shelling from London to Cardiff and boasting "watch when the live venues open", we're left craving live music and raves even more. With reference to his fellow Welsh champion MC Local, drinking gin & tonic, smoking, eating sausage and batter, don't let the infectious cheeky chappy flow fool you: he'll still run-around any MC that challenges him and never be apart of no "get-along gang". 

The freestyle leaves you wanting more, and I'm sure 2021 will deliver more music from Fernquest. Check out the full freestyle below.

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