OUAG Presents: The return of Sunday Sets - 014

(Photography by Yoko Ching)

Well it's been a whole year since the last Sunday Sets installment. The world has been turned upside down since then and close contact activities have been given the boot. There was a little break before Christmas though where many took to the studios (or the streets for the cyphers) to squeeze off some bars one last time before tier five kicked in. We've rounded up the best of the best sets and included a couple of cyphers too this time around also.

Four sets from Mode FM

The home of Grime on the airwaves, Mode FM, have supplied us with many great Grime sets and moments over the years. They've got themselves back on the airwaves via a brand new studio and have been using it to its maximum capabilities. The North London station has provided us with many new sets since the reboot of their YouTube channel, but today here are four new highlighted sets for your eyes and ears today. Above sees Bristol's very own J Oh Zee mix and blend her way through a set with veteren MC Flowdan on the mic alongside West London's very own K9.

The variety of Grime that Mode has on offer spans far and wide. Other highlighted sets includes New York rapper Gi Major featuring on J Beatz set, Capo Lee and Jammz going back-to-back on Felix Dubs show, plus Misundastood hosting seven MCs on his show, which includes Razor, XP, JoSoSick, Logan, Dutchie Limao, Reece West and Kabz. Check those videos out below plus subscribe to Mode FM on YouTube for more sets.

Oblig Christmas set on Rinse FM

These are the sets us Grime fans love. Christmas sets, birthday sets, these are the sort where everyone brings their best and most reloaded bars. Just good vibes with even better bars and lyrics. Oblig got a bag of MC's to shell this year, that includes the following; M.I.C., Melvillous, Micofcourse, K9, SBK, Duppy, Logan, Razor, Faultsz, Jammz, Joe Fire, Tintz and Lyrical Strally.

Roll Deep? Is that you?

There's a new online 'pirate platform' that's just started entitled Phase Transition. Their aim is to bring back the pirate radio vibes with a new age format. Kicking things off saw members of the original Roll Deep line up take to a basement in Soho, London to shell. This included Riko Dan, Manga Saint Hilare, Roachee and Jamakabi alongside MC Simba and DJ Jedah on the decks providing the instrumentals. Keep an eye out for more sets in the future to come from Phase Transition.

SE4 Block Cypher

This is more like a set than a cypher as the title suggests. Just shy of an hour long, this cypher sees fifteen MCs from South East London all come together to spray their best lyrics for the camera. A few of them aren't half bad eh?

Ten minute Brum cypher

With all these London based MC's in this article, it'll be good to have a little variety, so we head to the Midlands for the final video. This ten minute cypher sees some of the finest MCs from Birmingham crammed into a short visual. In alphabetical order it goes; Adotwiz, Akes, C4, El Messy, Deadly, Hitman, Trilla, T Roadz, Vader and Vital.