Owlybeats & Riko Dan let off dark and deadly energy on new single 'Crash Corn'

Owlybeats has teamed up with veteran Riko Dan for 'Crash Corn', out now on Slimzos Recordings. The track also comes with visuals on GRM Daily. 

Air raid sirens set the tone before Owly drops in the beat with a sticky, menacing brass-and-bass combination, giving Riko Dan the perfect foundation for his militant bars. Every word of his heavy patois delivery is razor-sharp and venomous as he appears stalking the streets shrouded in shadows in Bipolar Spider’s black and white music video. There’s no doubt about it:  Owlybeats and Riko Dan are both out for blood on this one.

Check out the 'Crash Corn' video below. The single is available to download on Slimzos Recordings' Bandcamp, and will hit streaming services upon the release of Owlybeats' upcoming album.

Find Owlybeats on Twitter and Instagram, and Riko Dan on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for updates on future releases.