Shizz McNaughty joins the '27 Club' & drops a project entitled just that

(Photography by Graeme Day)

For his birthday this year, Shizz McNaughty has decided to gift us with a seven track project he's been working on. The age that many great artists over the years have left us at, let's hope Shizz doesn't join that long list.

It's been two years since he released a naughties sampled project, the '27 Club' showcases his growth musically and mentally since that period. This is a more reflective and grown Shizz. Features on here are little and far between, with Shizz and Cosmo coming together once again on the third track, 'Junglist'. Others include Scotty Stacks on the proceeding efforts in the form of 'Peace of Mind', whilst Alex Emami joins Shizz on the closing and seventh track of the '27 Club', 'Uplift Me'.

With everything going on in the world at the moment it's rare to see a music video to accompany the audio, so keep hitting the repeat button on Bandcamp or even better, buy Shizz' latest project instead. Stream and purchase the '27 Club', plus don't forget to catch Shizz on both Instagram and Twitter too.