Earthspin Recordings serves up DJ Reflex's 'Eastern Step' with 3 powerful remixes

Earthspin Recordings’ latest offering is the 4-track Eastern Step EP. Built around DJ Reflex’s monstrous new release, label regulars Kenny Davis, JT The Goon and Dullah Beatz serve up a remix each for the EP, spinning the track in 3 distinct directions.

“Eastern Step” provides the foundation for the powerful remixes, but the impact of Reflex’s original shouldn’t be underestimated. This is a menacing dubstep stomper, with ticking hi-hat rhythms and rolling bongos sitting over jagged bass snarls. For his remix, Kenny Davis offers a straight-shooting grime flip of “Eastern Steps”. Transferring the track’s signatures into a contrasting style of 140 production, he blends back and forth from combative sections of fast-paced kick-and-clap combinations to scattered drum patterns surrounded by dark waves of sub-bass. Dullah Beatz switches up the vibe again on his own edit, bringing skanking 2-step and chunky, bouncing 4x4 together with seamless ease. Stirring funky and garage flavours into the grime pot, Dullah crafts a rugged yet flexible 140 weapon for all occasions. Lastly, the most unpredictable of the “Eastern Step” variations comes from JT The Goon, who comes through with a barrage of choppy rhythms, stabbing bass and filtered effect sweeps that throw the track into overdrive.

Listen to and purchase Eastern Step exclusively on Bandcamp below.

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