Mak10 is behind the buttons for 'Situations' feat. Tommy B & Agz

The Grime scene is looking very healthy in Essex at the moment. Chowerman and Rolla dropped a huge tune in the form of 'What's Happening Geezer' the other week, now it's the turn of Lord of the Mics contestant Tommy B alongside Agz to shine some light on their scene just east of the capital.

DJ and now turned producer too, Mak10, is on the beat for 'Situations' as Tommy B and Agz spit about difficult a relationship with their other halves. It's that feeling of where you know the bond is slipping away, but it hurts to hold on, yet it'll hurt to let it go too. An uncomfortable feeling. The video fits perfectly in-sync and is very well shot.

Catch the video for 'Situations' below, stream it via digital outlets here, plus don't forget to follow all three of the guys on their socials too.

DJ Mak10 - Instagram/Twitter. Tommy B - Instagram/Twitter. Agz - Instagram/Twitter.